Restore your yellowed teeth!

Unsightly teeth can be very beautifully restored with thin layer of ceramic or plastic placed over natural teeth. Veneers have been around for many years and their success is well proven.

Veneer is a thin shell of custom made ceramic or plastic bonded to the carefully prepared surface of natural tooth. The concept is very similar to contact lenses or false fingernails. When bonded to the natural tooth, they become as strong as if not stronger than the natural tooth. Veneers for teeth usually require two visits. At the seat appointment, a mild acid is used to prepare the surface of the natural tooth to roughen the surface for better adhesion. Once the acid is washed off, the bonding is applied and veneer is seated and finished to make a beautiful, strong and undetectable restoration.


  • Tooth whitening used when only the shade of the teeth needs improving
  • Bonding of teeth is indicated when teeth are decayed or pitted and need only minor correction
  • Crowns are placed where there is extensive tooth destruction and tooth position and bite also need correcting. The cost associated with fabrication of crown is quite similar to that of a veneer but there is more extensive tooth preparation associated with a crown.
Dental Veneers - Hesperia dentist

Veneers are an ideal choice when they are only minimally destroyed or esthetically impaired and the chewing surfaces are intact.

Situations where veneers are preferred:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Unequal lengths of teeth
  • Teeth that have poor shape
  • Discolorations
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gum recession

Veneers are the most pleasing dental restorations to place. The process is conservative and the bond very strong when bonded to dental enamel. Trust Maple Dental to provide exceptional service and improve your smile with veneers in Hesperia, CA. Contact us today!