Restore a good fit in your dentures!

Mini Implants for dentures are small metal screws that are surgically placed in the bone and are considered the most important innovations in the history of dentistry.

Many denture patients have difficulty holding their dentures securely in the mouth because of reduced bone quantity. Dental implants have allowed these patients to restore a good fit and function of the dentures.

Types of dental implants:

Mini Implant

There are many types of implants and the ones most currently used are the ones in the shape of a root of tooth. Mini implants for dentures vary in length and diameter. Small diameter implants are only 2mm in diameter.

Small implants are needed in mouths with significant bone loss where very little jaw bone is remaining to place standard implants Alternatively, patient can undergo bone- grafting to surgically enhance bone formation but many patients prefer non traumatic procedures or overall health may limit surgical intervention.

Uses of small diameter implants:

  • Retention of Lower complete denture
  • Retention of Upper complete denture
  • Retention of Removable Partial dentures
  • Anchoring Fixed Bridges
  • Single tooth replacement

The number of small diameter implants necessary to facilitate the above functions depends on the quality and quantity of remaining bone and needs to be addressed on an individual basis.

Advantages of Mini Tooth Implant:

  • Surgery is minor and usually with no complications
  • Simple placement
  • Retention of dentures is immediate
  • Lower cost compared to standard implant options

Almost anyone with an ill-fitting denture is a candidate for mini implants. The difference in the fit and function is immediate and is a source of instant gratification for the patient and the dentist. Maple Dental is your Hesperia dentist for implants. Contact us today!