Do you know if your gums are deteriorating?

Some form of gum and bone disease is present in most adult mouths.

Periodontal disease is unrecognized because the condition is generally painless and slow in progression. Symptoms include red, inflamed gums, which bleed easily with brushing and flossing, bad breath and teeth becoming loose as condition worsens.

The supporting structures of the teeth including the gums and bone are termed Periodontium.

Gum Disease

Gum and bone breakdown begins at the gum line with gingivitis and progresses to the more severe periodontitis. When oral hygiene is neglected and poor overall health is encountered, gum disease begins.

Gingivitis is a mild inflammation of the gum tissue when food deposits, dental plaque or the more calcified calculus are allowed to remain on the teeth.

Periodontitis is when food deposits, plaque and calculus continue to remain on the teeth, over time the bone begins to degenerate. This condition is termed Periodontitis.

As bone surrounding the root degenerates, teeth loosen, drift, migrate eventually leading to the loss of tooth. Proper treatment can still save most teeth.

Gum Disease Treatment Alternatives:

The success of conservative gum disease treatments rests on significant coordination and cooperation between the patient and the dental professional. Periodontal health can be stabilized with conservative treatment alone but in some cases the more invasive conventional therapy is required.

Conventional Periodontal Therapy is usually surgical. It involves gently lifting away the gum tissue from the affected teeth, removing and root planing the calcified calculus, re contouring the irregularities on the root and bone surfaces and carefully placing back and securing the reflected tissue. After a healing period and maintenance of good oral hygiene, the periodontal condition can be improved or stabilized.

Prevention of gingival and periodontal disease only requires optimal oral hygiene practices, healthy diet and a restriction on tobacco and alcohol use.

Maintenance of periodontal health may require more frequent dental hygiene visits and adherence to individual hygiene recommendations made to you by your dental professional.

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